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The Boar Difference

Diversified, cash-flowing investments for Utah County investors. 

Why Boar?


Already own a property or business interest in Utah County? Instead of having all your eggs in one basket, you can own a healthy % of a diverse portfolio.


Sell your property or business and you will be writing a hefty check come April 15th. Contribute your asset to our fund and enjoy the cash flow without the hassle of selling and squaring with Uncle Sam.


These are businesses that you know and properties you drive by. These are not random investments managed by a Manhattan broker.


Our investments are chosen to provide steady cash flow. We limit debt and ensure the property enriches the partners, not the bank. 

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What does a Boar investor look like?

  1. Boar investors don't park all of their money in the stock market.
  2. Boar investors like steady cash flow.
  3. Boar investors enjoy the security and depreciation of real estate.
  4. Boar investors prefer local properties over properties in Detroit.
  5. Boar investors enjoy the diversity and upside that comes from some business interest.  
  6. Boar investors often begin by contributing an asset of their own.
    • These assets could be built, bought or inherited.
  7. Boar investors avoid "taxable events" when possible.
  8. Boar investors enjoy the strength of the group.
  9. Boar investors appreciate good asset management with managers that they know.
  10. Boar investors let their assets work for them, not the other way around.


Dallin Henrie
Dallin graduated from BYU with degrees in history and accounting. He has a strong sales background and keeps a solid pulse on the profitability and efficiency of each asset in the portfolio. He loves the creativity required to start new businesses and structure partnerships in a way that maximizes the benefits to all involved. 
He lives in Mapleton with his wife and four girls, growing fruit trees and raising chickens.
Robert Strain
Robert has been managing properties for 20 years. He studied facility  management at Brigham Young University and excels at caring for properties in a way that maximizes value over the long term. Robert pays great attention to detail, is a good judge of character and value, and makes sure that the job gets done right.
He lives in Provo with his wife and seven kids and loves BYU football and basketball.
Douglas R. Wing
Doug has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, operations, sales, sales leadership, and executive management. He was a Co-owner and Vice Chairman at Little Giant Ladder Systems before retiring in 2019.

He lives in Phoenix. He enjoys riding motorcycles, playing golf, and fitness. He also enjoys collecting cars and motorcycles.


Call or text...

ROBERT: (801) 462-1910

DALLIN: (435) 770-2289




  • You think your rents seem low.

  • You want to remodel/upgrade, but don't have the time and/or money.

  • You want to sell but don't want to pay a commission and taxes.

  • Your property feels more like a burden than it does a blessing.

  • The current management situation doesn't seem to be working.

  • You don't live local or find it hard to keep any eye on the property.

  • You are ready for a steadier stream of income​​​​​​.

  • You are missing out on other adventures because everything is wrapped up in the business.

  • Ownership is changing hands due to a death in the family.

  • You want more diversity than just having ownership in one thing.

  • Everything is just fine, but you know that it could be better.

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